Why FrenchAm
and French Immersion?

Why FrenchAm

FrenchAm Schools students benefit from a variety of experiences to help them learn for life.  In addition to small class sizes, French immersion curriculum, and one location for your child’s educational needs from age 2 to 11, FrenchAm schools provides our students:

  • Acces to bilingualism through immersion
    Opening to the world
  • Allowing children to thrive and develop their natural dynamism
  • Introducing a healthy and balanced diet
  • Developing children’s creativity by discovering arts enabling to express their imagination
  • Discovering nature
  • Learning from intergenerational relations by meeting our elders, sharing activities and emotions resulting from these moments
  • Learning the principles and values of life in society

We Provide an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Our new campus, opened January 2021, and provides 25,000 sq feet of indoor space for our students to learn, play, and dream.  Our students benefit from this new location in a variety of ways including:

  • The only valley full-French immersion school offering programs from ages 2 to 11 in one campus location
  • Large sized classrooms separating our French and English learning
  • Additional multi-purpose rooms allow dedicated space for
    • Art and Music classes
    • STEM Lab
    • French / English Library
    • SPED, ELL, and RTI pullout instruction
  • Large indoor space suitable for climate-controlled Physical Education, recess and lunch activities
  • Prominent location with easy access from main thoroughfares
  • Easy access from main thoroughfares

FrenchAm Schools provides a nurturing, caring, small group environment for your child to learn, grow, and achieve academic and lifetime success.

Why French Immersion

Immersion programs maximize a child’s natural curiosity, ability to learn another language, and appreciation of other cultures and points of view. Research on child development shows this window of opportunity is highest between birth and age 6, so the earlier the better!

Beyond the academic benefits, language immersion also enhances a number of cognitive, creative, and social abilities from focus, critical thinking, and problem solving to open-mindedness, empathy, and interpersonal skills.


Students enrolled in immersion programs have enhanced listening and study skills, and demonstrate academic achievement with higher scores in reading and verbal tests as well as in other subjects such as math and science. circumstances throughout life.

Students in immersion environments speak their second language as naturally as their first. Results from research show that these children not only learn the second language, but also their own language with clarity, and that they excel on both foreign-language and native-language standardized tests.

Cultural Growth

Students in immersion programs establish a keen understanding of the world around them. They are exposed to a global world view in which they develop an expanded vision of other cultures, insights into their own, and new and different ways of thinking.

Enhanced Personal Opportunities

Bilingualism helps children build self-esteem, creativity, problem-solving skills and math ability, and gives them a head start for professional and economic opportunities.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to enroll your child in a school that will give them the foundation for life that our French-English dual language program can provide?